What Does process Mean?

1a : a natural progressively continuing operation or advancement marked by a series of gradual adjustments that realize success one another in a relatively mounted way and direct towards a certain end result or close the process of growth the process of digestion

Process administration, ensemble of things to do of preparing and monitoring the effectiveness of a company process or producing processes

A process extending transversely in the medial area on the maxilla. Using the corresponding process from one other aspect, it types the foremost part of the tricky palate.

inside the process of in the course of, in the midst of, inside the midst of They are from the process of drawing up a peace program.

evolution, development - a process where one thing passes by degrees to another stage (especially a far more Sophisticated or experienced stage); "the event of his Concepts took many years"; "the evolution of Greek civilization"; "the sluggish improvement of her talent like a author"

b. The list of actions and occasions that constitute a authorized continuing or a good portion thereof: the trial process; the sentencing process.

b : the summons, mandate, or writ used by a court to compel the appearance on the defendant inside of a legal motion or compliance with its orders

a definite subtask of a computer process which can be considered to be continuing in parallel with other subtasks of the process

temporal process the posterior blunt process of the zygomatic bone that articulates Using the zygomatic process of the temporal bone to form the zygomatic arch.

spinous process of vertebra a A part of a vertebra projecting backward from your arch, providing attachment to muscles in the back again.

process of monition, monition - a summons issued once the submitting of the libel or declare directing all functions worried to indicate trigger why the judgment asked for should not be granted

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1 Procedure. Process, process, continuing apply to something which goes on or takes area. A process is a number of progressive and interdependent steps by which an conclusion is attained: a chemical process.

tuberosity, eminence, tubercle - a protuberance with a bone especially for attachment of indian visa the muscle mass or ligament

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